Forth Of July Theme Party

The 4th of July is the beginning of all Summer Parties in the USA. It is Independence Day the federal holiday for USA.  Bring out the Red, White and Blue in you!


All American -

bourbon whiskey,Southern Comfort® peach liqueur,Coca-Cola®

Born on the 4th of July-

Blue Curacao liqueur,sloe gin,cream

4th Of July Vodka Jello Shots-  

Milk,Unflavoured Gelatin,Strawberry Gelatin,Blueberry  Gelatin,Vodka

Non Alcoholic:

July Virgin -

Pineapple Juice,Coconut Cream, Whipping Cream, Grapefruit Juice

Includes: Themed Dressed Bartender For 4 Hours,Themed Based Bar(yours or ours), And Everything Needed To Make The Above Drinks. $500.00 Per Fifty Guests (min)No Substitutes