"Captain Morgan" and Luis "Galliano" Who were Sailing the ship the "Absolut" biggest cruise ship the "Grand Marnier. This was the with his crew "George Dickel", "Jack Daniels", "Jim Beam", "Ed Hardy", "Henry Mckenna", "Jose Cuervo", Johnie Walker",                  nurse "Crystal Head" "Tia Maria" "Dr. Mcgillicuddy" "Lucas Bols", "Mandarine Napoleon". The passenger list consisted of "Minskaaya Kristall", "John Mcguinness" Sally "Fris", The "Frangelico" family", The "Eristoff's" and there "Old Grandad", The "Gilbey's", The Myer's", "Joe "Mozart", "Glen Fiddich", first stop was the "Artic" island Of the "Snow Queen" Queen "Jagermeister" called "Plymouth" rock. While here they stopped for drinks at the "Havana Club" where they tried some drinks that were made with "Black Sambuca" and "Chambord" Called the "Bombay Sapphire" and then the "Black Haus" tavern where they tried a drink made with "Campari" and "Chartreuse" called the "Herradura" "Bundaberg" and the "Casa Noble" "Sauza" Made with  "Stumbras", "Kahlua" and "Cruzan". The next stop on there trip was the island of "Tullamore Dew. There is were the lab of "Dr. Mcgillicuddy's" and his partner "Dr. Mcguinness". 


Dr. mcgillicuddy's